FLURRY Governance Token
FLURRY is the governance token behind the Flurry protocol.
Owners of FLURRY are the "shareholders" of the Flurry protocol.


Users who hold the token will be able to participate in protocol governance through a transparent decentralized voting process. They will be able to vote on adding, changing, or removing new yield farming strategies the protocol uses to deploy its vaulted stablecoins received in exchange for rhoTokens.
Unlike rhoTokens, FLURRY is not pegged to any stablecoin and its value fluctuates relative to the rest of the crypto market, and the FLURRY token is not used for yield farming itself. Instead, it can be purchased on exchanges and staked back into the protocol, earning additional FLURRY as staking rewards.
Users can also acquire FLURRY governance tokens by simply hodling rhoTokens. They are accumulated by block, and claimable anytime (applicable after the staking reward program).
FLURRY is now available for purchase (see next page to find trading links).

FLURRY Staking (Snowball)

  • Once users earn FLURRY from holding rhoTokens, they can claim their FLURRY, and stake it back into smart contracts, earning more FLURRY. The proportion of the staking pool equals the proportion of the rewards. Rewards are given on a discretionary basis, earliest adopters will earn the biggest shares.
  • Users can stake FLURRY in Liquidity Pools.
Within the first 3 months after the mainnet launch, staking rewards will be locked in the staking rewards contract. While users can withdraw their stakes at any time, the accrued FLURRY rewards will not be available to claim until after 6 months.


As the phased approach from centralized to decentralized governance of the Flurry Protocol proceeds, users who hold $FLURRY will be able to exercise their vote on the protocol through updated functions on the user interface. Look for these as they come!
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