Admin Privileges
Once users deposit funds, and the smart contracts deploy money from the vaults according to the protocolโ€™s guidance, the funds cannot be accessed by Flurry Finance.
That said, Flurryโ€™s control of the Smart Contracts can be upgraded, but still without accessing the funds themselves. These upgrades would include but not limited to:
  • More Cross-Chain capabilities
  • More DeFi protocol and strategies options
  • New functions like voting
  • (so on...)
Unlike protocols like Uniswap, when the Flurry Protocol is upgraded, no migration is required between the versions.
To enjoy admin privileges, get FLURRY now referring to:
  • Buying $FLURRY:
  • Earning through Flurry DApp:
Flurry | The Future of Yield Farming
The portal below brings you to the User Guide for Flurry DApp:
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