User Guide

Start your yield farming journey on Flurry DApp.
The following content bundle will you walk through all the steps involved while using Flurry DApp:
Flurry DApp is accessible from link below:
Flurry | The Future of Yield Farming
Access Flurry DApp here!


Flurry DApp is applicable to multiple wallets:
Make sure you are on the right network chain before connecting your wallet.

Available Network Chains

Earn RHO: Binance Smart Chain (BSC Mainnet) & Polygon (MATIC).
Snowball (FLURRY): Ethereum Mainnet & BSC Mainnet.
Farms (LP tokens): BSC Mainnet & Polygon (MATIC).
Bridge: available on Ethereum Mainnet, BSC Mainnet & Polygon (MATIC).