Governance Approach

From Centralized to Decentralized

β€ŒFlurry will begin with centralized control of the protocol (such as adding/ removing new types of yield-farming strategies, assigning risk factors to different strategies, etc) and migrate to complete community and stakeholder control over time.β€Œ

$FLURRY will serve as the governance token of the Flurry Protocol. $FLURRY holders will participate in protocol governance through a decentralized voting process. Among other decisions, token holders will be able to vote on adding/removing new yield farming strategies and assigning risk factors to different strategies.

Phased Approach

β€ŒPhase 1

β€ŒFlurry Financial team will initiate yield-earning strategies.

Phase 2

β€ŒLaunch of initial voting functions for $FLURRY token holders. Flurry Financial team and early $FLURRY holders will select best yield-earning strategies as the process to decentralization begins.β€Œ

Phase 3

β€ŒContinued distribution of $FLURRY governance tokens to Flurry users, as voting functions are further developed and rolled out. The Flurry Financial team becomes less involved in decision making processes.β€Œ

Phase 4 β€Œ

Fully decentralized governance by $FLURRY token holders.β€Œ

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