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Know about your yields from interest rates!

Concerning the yield generation process, the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) often refers to yearly yielded interests from a sum of funds or loans. The Flurry Protocol calculates APRs for rhoToken pools and these are actively shown on the Flurry DApp.

The APR on the Flurry DApp Earn section reflects the annual return rate on the fund deployed in the lending pools. The following chart is extracted from the Earn section which should be familiar to rhoToken hodlers.

Calculation of APRs are presented below for Flurry's guaranteed transparency and UX!

Fund allocation (Amount)

Let’s take USDT and rhoUSDT as an example. After clicking on the APR (by keying your cursor on it) of rhoUSDT, the details are revealed as below.

The Amount of USDT on the Flurry Protocol is split into two parts β€” 14,894 in USD Cash and 150,910 on Rabbit Strategy (0 in other strategies) β€” summing up to 165,804.

In this case, only 150,910 USDT is on the yield farming process, whereas 14,894 USDT is the amount in idle for reservation.

Supply Rate & Bonus APR

Supply Rate APR is the Lending Pool interest rate, whereas Bonus APR is the Reward Tokens accumulation rate, shown in red below. They are given per lending pool/yield strategy case.

For each strategy, its corresponding APR per strategy is merely summing up the Supply Rate and Bonus APR:

For example, the rhoUSDT APR of USDT Rabbit Strategy is the sum of Supply Rate APR (3.88%) & Bonus APR (8.79%) to give 12.68%. Other strategies follow the same formula.

Visit the portal below to learn about the Bonus APR and Bonus Tokens:

🎁pageBonus Rewards & APR

Now, the APR per strategy will take effect on the total APR as Instant APR and Indicated APR.

Instant APR

Instant APR is calculated from all existing strategies with Amount deposited in, given that the Amount is considered as a "rebasing" amount.

Funds in the Amount is considered as rebasing, or interest earning, if and only if it is held by a User/Wallet address (which is normally true for users). Any funds held in a Smart Contract address are considered non-rebasing at the moment, thus not applicable for earning interests.

The total yield is thus shared only by the rhoToken hodlers whose amounts are "rebasable". The amount eligible for rebasing is reflected by Rebasing % (in blue below).

From the Rebasing %, Instant APR is computed through the formula below:

Noted the Sum of Amounts includes the USD Cash which is part of the reservation.

Therefore, from our example, Instant APR can be calculated from the demonstration below:

You can see from here that 93.01% of the total amount (165,804 USDT) is actually rebasable; hence the interest earned from 150,910 USDT will be shared by the 93.01% rhoUSDT hodlers.

In addition, options to Opt-In/Out for rebasing in Smart Contracts are available, find out how through the portal below:


Indicative APR

Indicative APR is the APR after rebasing which occurs on a regular basis (e.g. everyday at 8am UTC), like a prediction APR after rebase.

If you click on the β€œi” besides Indicative APR, you will see the explanation of Indicative APR as shown below:

Earn for Interests from Flurry DApp!

With the above knowledge, explore the Flurry DApp through this portal:

Check out the user guide for Earn through Flurry DApp through the portal below:


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