Supporting Strategies

The DeFi protocols that yield aggregation is being run by Flurry Protocol.

Integrations in all and further supporting strategies (DeFi Protocols) have/will have undergone review and audited by third-party security service provided before any onboarding.

The Flurry Protocol generates yield by depositing stablecoins into DeFi platforms.

It’s important to note that these platforms at times do carry their own risks. That said, Flurry Finance chooses to work with platforms that we have carefully researched and reviewed before creating the strategy, which will be submitted to third-party security service providers for auditing before onboarding any of the following strategies.

We work with those who we believe are the most secure, while offering the best yields.

Below are the DeFi Protocols Flurry is developing strategies for:

Ethereum Blockchain

BNB Chain β›Έ


Stay tuned for more to be implemented...πŸŽ„

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