Let's walk through the steps on how to stake FLURRY.
Visit the Flurry DApp to begin your journey to Snowball FLURRY from the portal below:
Flurry | The Future of Yield Farming
Stake to Snowball FLURRY!
Snowball is now live on Ethereum & BNB Chain; coming soon on Polygon (MATIC).
Before staking FLURRY and beginning Snowballing, you are highly encouraged to buy FLURRY from our official purchase links via trading links, which you can refer from below content:
Make sure you are aware of the risks when someone is giving contract addresses as:
  • Be aware of IMPOSTERS providing FAKE contract addresses!
  • Flurry Finance Team would NEVER send you any contract address.
Do Your Own Research before making any investment.

How to Snowball?

1. Connect Your Wallet

Once you've got your FLURRY tokens in your wallet, head to and connect your wallet. Make sure you are on the correct network before connecting your wallet.
You will land on a page as displayed below, with the numbers showing.
*Numbers and figures reflected are based on the Flurry testnet, not the mainnet.

2. Approve Staking on Flurry Protocol

Before you start any staking, there is a step that you should take first, which is to approve an AMOUNT that the Flurry Protocol can get access to on your wallet.
It's like the setting on your phone - you have to grant access to the application before the application can use your camera or microphone.
The principle works the same on DeFi protocols. One point to note is that if you have only approved 50 FLURRY but you try to stake 100 FLURRY, the transaction won't be able to process.
  • Make sure you have approved more or the exact amount of FLURRY that you wish to stake.
  • The approval step will cost gas fee, as this is the beauty of decentralized space - you need consensus to approve any decision making.
  • Check that the toggle is switched to "Stake"
  • Once you've connected your wallet, you can click the eye next to "available to stake" and see the full amount you have in your wallet.
*Numbers and figures reflected are based on the Flurry testnet, not the mainnet.

3. FLURRY Staking Approved.

A notification pop-up will show that you have approved FLURRY to be staked.

4. Key in the amount then hit the big button "Stake"

The then "Approve" button will change to "Stake" once you have approved the staking. You can now key in the amount that you wish to stake, and hit "Stake".
*Numbers and figures reflected are based on the Flurry testnet, not the mainnet.
You should be able to see the notification pop-up showing "Snowball-Stake" when FLURRY is staked on Snowball successfully.

5. Snowball begins

You can check the amount of FLURRY you have on the top right-hand corner on the DApp page as displayed like below: FLURRY reward you have accumulated (left) and FLURRY you have in wallet (right).
*Numbers and figures reflected are based on the Flurry testnet, not the mainnet.
Once you have staked all FLURRY in the Flurry Protocol for Snowball, the tokens are no longer in your wallet but on the protocol, hence FLURRY on your wallet would read "0".
You can always unstake FLURRY as there is no locking period. However, FLURRY reward might consist of locking, depending on seasonal campaign requirements.

Staking on Snowball in video

If you wish to see how the whole process goes, check out our demo video done on testnet.
Steps to take Snowballing FLURRY on Flurry DApp, demonstrated on testnet.
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